Hello Sisters … Debra Morrison, Chief Navigation Officer at Women Navigating Finances and founder of the We Can Do It Women™ Movement – and a 44+ year financial industry expert.

Today let’s talk about risk, what so many people think is a nasty and scary four letter word. Well, it is a four letter word, but it’s not nasty. And it’s absolutely empowering, but I don’t think you’ve been shown the up side of risk,

It’s not the scary and sometimes debilitating downside of risk which flogs so many people. But I want to talk about the upside and that is going to enable us to take advantages of opportunities to grow our wealth; who’s in for that? Now I’m sure you’re well aware that in uncertain times, many people are still making money and I want you to be one of them, Right? Who better than you?

So join me for the upcoming Intentionally Wealthy Women Conference, a one-day event like no other, where I pull back the curtain, bringing you 44 years of experience, financial expertise so that you can confidently move forward. Here’s what we’re going to cover.

  • How to recover from mis-steps. You might call them mistakes, but I’ve found mistakes are paralyzing, whereas mis-steps are actually just an invitation for us to take a new and different step to move forward.
  • We’re going to give you the on-ramp because in fact, if you’ve actually taken a little detour, you’re able with one little turn of your financial car to get back on the on ramp to your financial success path.
  • We’re going to cover how the rich use the tax code and how you can too so that you keep more of your hard-earned money.

And suggestions are going to abound on how to select a financial advisor; the one that’s going to be best for you. I’m no longer doing financial advising, retired from that. And yet I’m an advocate for you to be working with a financial advisor, but who to trust? So we’re going to go into that.

I’m going to give you some checklists and so forth as to how to do that, and a whole lot more. So join me. There will be ample time for questions and answers. You can get your money right more than once. Yes, more than once. And that is so necessary.

Join me for The Intentionally Wealth Women Conference – a 1-Day event like no other, where I pull back the curtain, bringing you my 44+ years expertise so that you can confidently move forward.

No one wants to be the woman who wished she’d gotten a handle on her finances sooner … or who was sick and tired of being man-splained about finances – but didn’t know where to turn.
We want to be the women who declare and shout from the rooftops, we are We Can Do It Women – Yes We Are.
Grab your ticket now and join us for The Intentionally Wealthy Women Conference.

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