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Welcome to Women Navigating Finances

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Debra's Story

I draw on my four decades of financial expertise, including my  Master’s Degree in Retirement Planning where I partnered with clients to chart their financial plan, managing their assets accordingly on a Fee-Only Fiduciary basis. I hold the Accredited Estate Planner designation which armed me with specialty knowledge that helped my clients and their families KEEP more of their hard-earned estates, leaving rich legacies.

Seeing, and listening to, a growing number of women express their lack of knowledge, confidence and even fear about how to take the first steps towards correcting that, I have created a coaching curriculum to address these and other popular concerns.

Yes, I'm equally passionate about alerting women to pitfalls to avoid as well as charting, and then navigating each woman’s finances.

I am quick to define finances as the entirety of one’s life, including and not limited to assets in Real Estate, Financial Assets, Notes Receivables, SS, pensions, Business Interests and Intellectual Property. I pay particularly close attention to one’s Risk Management, because “One lawsuit can ruin your whole morning!” Finally, managing the tax maze effectively stops the leaks in one’s proverbial financial boat.

I strategize with my growing number of coaching clients to either accumulate maximum wealth or, once retired, enjoy an inflation-adjusted lifetime income stream so that they can still afford to buy higher priced goods and services as they age.  Together, each client and I, discuss both how to avoid financial perils while at the same time, effectively managing the sequence of return risk as well as the challenges inherent in increased longevity.

What others are saying about Debra:

"Debra shares her extensive knowledge of finances, investments and planning in plain English terms that make it easy for me to not only understand, but to be able to take actionable steps from what she teaches. She guides you on how and where to invest, what to do with your money and how to not waste it. She's great!" ~ Christine

"I attended Debra's class and found it to be really, really informative and empowering. She didn't just talk about "money," unlike my current financial planner.  I would recommend this to everybody. We all deserve to know the truths about money and Debra does just that!" ~ Melissa

There is a story behind every woman we serve...


The way is up!

Debra's approach to navigating finances begins by assessing where you are, where you want to go and what resources you have to take you there.

Through her step-by-step approach to navigating finances, you'll receive expert guidance to be better informed and in control when working with your financial advisers.

Debra's motto ... "The only way is up!"

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Debra L. Morrison
TEDx Speaker, Best-Selling Author, 42+ Year Financial Industry Expert


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Lincoln Park, New Jersey

United States

T: (973) 706-8924

Mon - Fri: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Eastern



"I love having Debra as my financial guide. She has opened my eyes to the truths about money so that I have more for myself right now and more for my future."

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Nancy Matthews

"Debra is filled with great information that helps me navigate the complex financial world. She's sassy, she's fun, she's funny. My only wish is I had met her sooner!"

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Charli Mace

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