Hello Women Navigating Finances community. It’s Debra Morrison, your Chief Navigational Guide. And I’m here today with a Money Mindset lesson, so let’s get to it.

Here it is … Nail your nail to the wall.

Now the lesson is actually historic. I’m going to rewind us back to 1964, the Tokyo Olympic games, and three female Olympians shared a room, Mary Rand, Ann Packer and Mary Peters. And Mary Peters was the third to arrive. And she’d heard this banging on the wall, and she said, “What’s going on?”

Both Mary Rand and Ann Packer turned in unison and said, “We’re nailing our nail to the wall to hang our medals on”. And they handed her a nail. She chose not to put the nail in the wall.

Mary Rand won gold, silver and a bronze, Ann Packer won a gold and a silver. And that year, in her prime, at age twenty-five Mary Peters placed fourth in the Pentathlon. Fast forward four years in Mexico City Olympics, 1968, Mary still had the nail, yet she couldn’t bring herself to nail it in the wall. She came in ninth place.

Fast forward to1972. Mary is now age 33 competing in one of the most difficult Olympic competitions possible, the Pentathlon. It’s a combination of hurdles, shot put, high jump, long jump, and the 200 meters. It goes over two days. Some of the athletes were much younger than Mary, and the favorite to win it all was hometown girl, Germany’s Heide Rosendahl.

So, Heide is in her home arena and her signature event is the 200 meters, and that’s the final event of the five events in the Pentathlon.

Mary Peters arrived in Munich, and she nailed her nail to the wall. And in an epic performance, Mary Peters was leading after the first day. But on that second and all  important day with Heide’s signature event capping the competition, Mary ran the race of her life and set a world record in the Pentathlon. Besting any previous world record by 26 points. In the pentathlon, that’s a lot! She surely won the Gold.

Now, after you have your nail in the wall, you may even surprise yourself as to how many ribbons you can hang off of that.

The courageous goals that maybe we hadn’t dared dream of, I’m inviting you, dare it, dream it, set those courageous goals and then prepare for them and act like they’ve already happened.

Because what do you really have to lose? Not much more than most of the things that people recant on their deathbed. So, let’s use time and health as our valuable assets and use our minds to program in courageous goals.

We Can Do It Women™.

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