Hello Sisters … Debra Morrison, Chief Navigation Officer at Women Navigating Finances and creator of the We Can Do It Women™ Movement – and a 44+ year financial industry expert.

You probably know that I’ve since retired from active asset management and financial planning and have placed my full focus and attention on making sure that every woman has access to the same knowledge and resources, I shared with those clients that massively increased their net worth – and they’re the same ones that I used myself to go from being raised on a humble farm to creating my own financial independence.

What you may not know is that I’m also a Certified Grief Coach and I understand the debilitating effect grief can have on us. I’ve learned this not just from the many clients I’ve worked with who suddenly (and sometimes not so suddenly) found themselves not only dealing with the loss of their partner – but then having to deal with finances in a whole new way. I wrote a whole book about this in fact, My Husband Died Now What … and I understand what it takes to move through the energy of grief and loss – not only from my training, but also in dealing with my own grief – and it’s not easy.

You see, we’ve got to be able to move through the grief process – whether you’re grieving the loss of a partner, a career, the way things used to be – or the sense of security you once had that now seems to be gone in light of theses very uncertain times we’re facing.

There’s talk of a recession – inflation, the bubble bursting, markets dropping drastically and so many other factors that the media sensationalizes to get our attention — and it’s my mission to make sure you know the truths about money … the things Wall Street and the media pundits don’t tell you, so that you can move forward with your finances feeling confident and clear to steer your financial ship where you want it to go!

Join me for The Intentionally Wealth Women Conference – a 1-Day event like no other, where I pull back the curtain, bringing you my 44+ years expertise so that you can confidently move forward.

No one wants to be the woman who wished she’d gotten a handle on her finances sooner … or who was sick and tired of being man-splained about finances – but didn’t know where to turn.
We want to be the women who declare and shout from the rooftops, we are We Can Do It Women – Yes We Are.
Grab your ticket now and join us for The Intentionally Wealthy Women Conference.

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