Hi friends, it’s Debra Morrison and I am so happy to be back in touch with you. And I apologize; I’ve been busy and not in touch with you, my friends, and I have a ton of new stuff that’s afoot. I want to share things with you that I find valuable and maybe you could find some of that value as well.

Announcement #1: Sold My Company

As many of you know, I sold my company, my baby, Empowered Retirement, which I had founded and worked in 42 years last September to my trusted associate.

Announcement #2:  New Coaching Business for Women

I have started a new coaching business for women who may be struggling or have found a barrier or are blocked by something about their finances. It’s called “Women Navigating Finances” and I am so enthused about how I can continue to leverage that which I have learned so that people can move toward their financial goals and their personal goals, they’re very interconnected as you know, with more expediency and less mess ups. That always causes us a lot of angst and maybe some money. So that’s really my passion these days and it’s completely invigorating.

Announcement #3:  Processing Grief

I’m also processing a lot of compound grief. Many of you know I’ve lost a lot of people, seven really good friends that I had known from 21 years to 40 years. I hadn’t had time in the two years to process it and so I’ve been doing that. If any of you would be interested in learning more about grief, recovery, tips and tools, as a Certified Grief Coach, I’d be happy to put together a course or a couple of meetings and share some of those tools with you because they are very valuable.

Because it’s not just about making the time to process, we need the tools so that we can move through our grief.

Announcement #4 – Vaccinated

And I got vaccinated. Yes, I’m two weeks out, like almost a month ago on my second shot of Moderna. And I am ecstatic. I was able to get on a plane, still with protective gear, and go to my ocean front condo where I was able simply to be, to look at the waves and the water. And there’s something very healing about that for me.

I want to share something with you about the vaccination. My mom was a little reticent about getting vaccinated and I picked up the phone, she’s seven hours away. And I said, Mom, I need you in my life. I just don’t think I could handle you dying. And I need you. And my voice broke as it’s kind of breaking now. And her voice broke, she was in tears and she said, “Okay, Deb. I’ll do it.” And it got to a core level within me. It just evoked this notion that maybe we want to be about telling people, close to us, how valuable they are and that we need them because we do need each other. We need to be in community of sorts, loosely connected, tightly connected. The community will feed us and support us and we them. So, I invite you to reach out and share your emotions with people close to you.

Announcement #5 – Bustin’ Barrier Summit (May 10th & 21st)

I am introducing the Bustin’ Barrier Summit. Mark your calendar for May 20th and 21st from 4pm to 6pm EDT. We are going to bring in 6 or 7 speakers and it’s going be invigorating as to how they’ve busted through the barriers that so often appear, particularly for women entrepreneurs.

Announcement #6: Join Our Community on Facebook

Come on over to Women Navigating Finances Facebook Group because we have a little community where we share victories and concerns and, and some tidbits along the way. So, pop over there and join us – CLICK HERE


Until next time stay empowered and be healthy!

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