Women Bustin' Barriers
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May 20th & 21st

4pm to 6pm Eastern
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Debra Poneman

Founder, Yes to Success Seminars

For over four decades, Debra Poneman, founder of Yes to Success Seminars, has shared her system, now used by tens of thousands around the world to live lives of success, abundance, deep happiness and lasting inner fulfillment.

Debra, best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul author and featured guest on ABC, NBC, FOX and CNN, is known as the mentor to the mentors. Debra’s students have used her formula to become mega-successful entrepreneurs, renowned transformational leaders, NY Times bestselling authors, millionaires, billionaires—even household names.  Debra has also been an in-house trainer, for companies like Mattel Toys, McDonnell Douglas and the Xerox Management Group—beginning in the 1980’s when it was practically unheard of for women to be corporate trainers. 

Yet Debra feels her greatest accomplishment is not only that she has helped so many live the life of their dreams but that she’s helped them discovery the greatest they truly are.


Chris Williams

Founder, Wide Awake Business

A Business Alchemist in Leadership, Business Growth and Development and Sales & Marketing. Chris grew up in a successful family-owned business. After receiving her marketing/finance degree from University of Oregon, she joined Xerox Corporation and trained more than 1,000 sales representatives, launched 48 new products, and created the first local business tele-sales development team. Her entrepreneurial spirit prompted her to open her own Value-Added Reseller business with a staff of 17, growing market share and overall revenue to $4M. 

Wide Awake Business, 17 year old company, is a dynamic, results oriented, and market driven company – where our customers are the center of our work. Chris and her team have worked with over 6,102 businesses who generated over $731 million dollars of new revenue.  Business owners who are burned out, under paid, and feel shackled to their business by generating more customers, growing revenues and creating an easier, simpler, more profitable business so they can enjoy a more balanced life.  She is a co-author of three bestselling books – Customers Are The Answer to Everything (2012), Customertopia (2019) and Rise Up, Leader (2022).

A bit irreverent, fun, and very creative, mother of 5 brilliant young women, lives on a 12 acre city farm, loves the outdoors and spends her free time traveling, playing with the grandkids, riding her bike, and kayaking.


Marie Fratoni

Speaker ~ Business Coach ~ Master Networker

As the CEO of Get Clients Everywhere, Marie Fratoni works globally to help professionals build solid, long-term, successfulbusinesses. She coaches entrepreneurs to become savvy, social, and successful through cultivating professional relationships that are fulfilling and profitable, and by providing sound business-building strategies.
She helps her clients double or triple their income.

As a community leader, Marie makes a difference! She is a staunch advocate for women in business, founding and leading several professional groups throughout the years designed to advance the careers of women including the Women’s Professional Development Network (WPDN) in Atlanta.


Barbara Beckley

Keynote Speaker ~ Author ~ Co-Founder, Diamond Factor, LLC Personal Development Group

Barbara empowers women to overcome their challenges and helps them shine. Growing up in an interracial family in Chicagoland during the tumultuous 1970s imbued her with a bright inner light. This light has fueled her desire to help others. She believes people are people and that colors are there to remind us we all have filters to work through to appreciate the person underneath.

Knowing work and education were keys to success, she began working in insurance at age fifteen. Upon graduating high school, she obtained associates degrees in accounting and computerized business management, business management, and health administrative management. This landed her a job with AON Risk Services Insurance Brokerage in their insurance department.

Wanting to become a better senior manager at AON, she found her true calling by joining a Toastmasters Club. Embracing the Toastmasters vision of improving communication and leadership skills, she worked her way up to becoming program quality director, providing educational opportunities for over 5500 Toastmaster’s members. The great part is Barbara is just getting started. The beginning of 2019 she started the Diamond Empowerment – Women of Connection Network. Barbara’s motto: “You have a DIAMOND in you.” Let it shine because everyone has something special within them the Diamond Factor equals your Purpose, Passion and Drive as your foundation to encourage a person to move forward despite the trails and challenges in your life.


Nancy Matthews

Author of The One Philosophy
Founder, The People Skills Academy & Women's Prosperity Network

Nancy Matthews is a Leadership, Sales & Marketing Expert, known as The OnePhilosopher & The Visionary with Guts whose unique blend of creativity, business
savvy, and exceptional understanding of human behavior causes audiences far and
wide to sing her praises.

She is a 6x best-selling author, sought after international speaker and global leader who has shared the stage with today’s top thought and business leaders and has been
regularly featured throughout the media. Founder of The People Skills Academy and Women’s Prosperity Network, serving growth-minded companies and individuals who want to increase productivity, results, and relationships (life and business).

She’s a lover of music and long-time fan of Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band,
having seen more than 80 of their shows. One of her visions is to use the power of
music to spread The One Philosophy and she’s co-written a song with Fiz Anthony, “Everyone’s The One” that she one day plans to sing with Bruce Springsteen.


Sammy Blindell

Multi-Award Winning International Speaker, 8x Best-Selling Author, CEO of How to Build a Brand Global and Founder of One Drop Movement

Sammy Blindell is a multi-award-winning international speaker, eight times best-selling author, CEO of How To Build A Brand Global and Founder of One Drop Movement. After 13 years in branding before building her first five bricks and mortar businesses, Sammy burned out, handing it all over in September 2013 to rebuild her health and life.

Within three months, her energy skyrocketed as she realised that time was finally on her side to fulfil her vision of building the world’s largest brand building resource for entrepreneurs of purpose-driven businesses. She launched her first online program for that resource in January 2014, making £18,000+ monthly in the first 12 weeks. This led her to develop an easy-to-follow brand building system for entrepreneurs to create products, programs, services, and subscriptions that quickly increases their credibility, profitability, and impact. 

Since then, Sammy has launched over 1000+ of her own online programmes, courses, resources, tools, memberships, and subscriptions, going on to train over 65,000+ entrepreneurs how they can do it too. Her global Ripple Makers Mastermind, Brand Builders Resource and Business Builders Hub walks small business owners step-by-step through the process of transforming their idea into impactful influence and income.

Now it’s your turn! 



July 12th & July 13th
Two Power-Packed Hours Each Day
(12 pm to 2 pm Eastern)

Debra L. Morrison
Chief Navigation Officer at Women Navigating Finances

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Women Bustin' Barriers Summit

Women Have Busted Through a Myriad of Barriers and We're Called to Bust Through More both for Ourselves and the Sisters That Follow in the US and Around the World.


Who is this for?

Women Ready to Move Up

Whether you want to move up in your finances, your business or any other area of your life, this Summit will give you what you need to take those next big steps.

What will you learn?

Identify Barriers (Seen and Unseen)

Our Summit speakers will share their experiences to create new awareness regarding the barriers women face - both the ones we can see and those unseen ones that are often the biggest blocks to our success.

How will you bust through barriers?

Practical Strategies & Models to Follow

Through the examples of the courageous and committed women who've busted barriers themselves, you'll learn practical strategies and advice to move you forward.

Your Extraordinary Lineup of Women Bustin' Barriers

Meet your host

Debra L. Morrison draws on her four decades of financial expertise, including her Master's Degree in Retirement Planning, to support women in achieving financial independence.

Coupled with her long-standing commitment, drive and passion to bust through barriers, Debra stands as a fierce advocate for all women achieve all they desire -- without limitation. 

She has dedicated her life to working with individuals and organizations to ensure that our basic civil rights are honored.

Debra L. Morrison
Founder, Women Navigating Finances

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Debra draws on her four decades of financial expertise, including her  Master’s Degree in Retirement Planning where she partnered with clients to chart their financial plan, managing their assets accordingly on a Fee-Only Fiduciary basis. She holds the Accredited Estate Planner designation which armed her with specialty knowledge that helped her clients and their families KEEP more of their hard-earned estates, leaving rich legacies.

Seeing, and listening to, a growing number of women express their ignorance around their finances and a fear even in how to take the first steps towards correcting that, she has created a coaching curriculum to address these and other popular concerns.

Yes, she’s equally passionate about alerting women to pitfalls to avoid as well as charting, and then navigating each woman’s finances.

Debra is quick to define finances as the entirety of one’s life, including and not limited to assets in Real Estate, Financial Assets, Notes Receivables, SS, pensions, Business Interests and Intellectual Property. She pays particularly close attention to one’s Risk Management, stating, “One lawsuit can ruin your whole morning!” Finally, managing the tax maze effectively stops the leaks in one’s proverbial financial boat.

She strategizes with her growing number of coaching clients to either accumulate maximum wealth or, once retired, enjoy an inflation-adjusted lifetime income stream so that they can still afford to buy higher priced goods and services as they age.  Together, Debra and each client, discuss both how to avoid financial perils while at the same time, effectively managing the sequence of return risk as well as the challenges inherent in increased longevity.

For more information go to WomenNavigatingFinances.com

What Others Are Saying About Debra

She opened my eyes

I love having Debra as my financial guide. She has opened my eyes to the truths about money so that I have more for myself right now and more for my future.

Nancy Matthews

Co-Founder, Women's Prosperity Network

I wish I met sooner

Debra is filled with great information that helps me navigate the complex financial world. She's sassy, fun and funny. My only wish is I had met her sooner!"

Charli Mace

Color Tools

Great performance

She talked about investment in a way that I could understand and even beyond understanding, get unbelievably excited about it.

Elizabeth Streb

Choreographer, Performer, Recipient of Doris Duke Artist Award & MacArthur "Genius" Award


July 12th & 13th
(12 pm to 2 pm Eastern)

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