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Work with Debra as Your Financial Coach

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Please note: Debra serves as a financial coach and NOT AS A FINANCIAL ADVISOR. She does not make any recommendations as to purchase of specific products, policy or investment advice. Her role is in guiding you to make the best decisions based on knowing the truths about money and what Wall Street doesn't tell you.

WNF Monthly Membership

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Designed to guide you step-by-step to reach your financial goals. The Women Navigating Finances community is comprised of Women over 50 who are ready to take the lead in their finances. White the Membership is currently closed, click the button below to be the first to know when enrollment opens.

Enrollment opens Quarterly.

Investment: $97 per month

or $779 per year

3-Month 1:1 Intensive

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Designed for the woman who is dealing with financial chaos or a mountain of restructuring her finances, perhaps as you approach retirement, after divorce, or the loss of a partner/spouse.  Debra's sage guidance and comforting countenance gives you exactly what you need to make informed, empowered decisions.

You'll have 6 in-depth 1:1 sessions with Debra as well as access to Debra between sessions for supplemental guidance and support. You'll also receive access to Debra's course "The Truths About Money" plus her "Affirmations for Financial Freedom."

Investment: $5,000

Intentionally Wealthy Woman Action Squad

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The Intentional Wealth Action Squad Program is segmented into 3 Phases - chunked down so we can spend quality time understanding each level, as one builds upon the last.

Become Part Of The Intentionally Wealthy Women Action Squad Today

3-Months Of In-Depth Mentoring And Guidance With Debra Amidst A Powerful Community Of Like-Minded Women

Enrollment is scheduled to open in Winter 2022-2023.

Investment: $2,500

3-Pay Plan Available

Year-Round Mentoring & Community Support

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Thrive with year-round mentoring, guidance and coaching with Debra that includes: (1) Four One-on-One Sessions throughout the year (quarterly reviews), (2) A full year of Women Navigating Finances Membership that includes two group trainings with live Q&A every month, (3) Robust archived library to get all the answers you want at your fingertips, and (4) Ongoing community support through WNF private group.

Investment: $2,500

Here's to your finances looking up!

Your Chief Financial Navigator:

Debra L. Morrison

Debra draws on her four decades of financial expertise, including her  Master’s Degree in Retirement Planning where she partnered with clients to chart their financial plan and managed their assets accordingly on a Fee-Only Fiduciary basis. She holds the Accredited Estate Planner designation which armed her with specialty knowledge that helped her clients and their families KEEP more of their hard-earned estates, leaving rich legacies.

She has since retired from active financial planning and asset management and now serves as the Founder and Chief Navigating Officer of Women Navigating Finances.

As a financial coach, she’s equally passionate about alerting women to pitfalls to avoid as well as charting, and then navigating each woman’s finances.

She strategizes with her growing number of coaching clients to either accumulate maximum wealth or, once retired, enjoy an inflation-adjusted lifetime income stream so that they can still afford to buy higher priced goods and services as they age. 

Together, Debra and each client, discuss both how to avoid financial perils while at the same time, effectively manage known and unknown risks, not the least of which is increased longevity, to better ensure financial security. 

What Others Are Saying:

"Just one tip from Debra and I immediately found $180 per month!" ~ Ruth

"Having Debra's coaching prowess, honed over 42 yrs. as a financial planner, is invaluable. I love being able to ask her questions about my specific situation." ~ Trish

"Debra is filled with great information that helps me navigate the complex financial world. She's sassy, she's fun, she's funny. My only wish is I had met her sooner!" ~ Charli

"Working with Debra, it's not daunting anymore. She gives me practical steps I can take."

"She made it simple and I actually feel inspired that I can actually change the way I think about this whole world of my financial situation. I highly recommend Debra!" 

Book a complimentary session with Debra today to start navigating your finances in the direction of your goals and dreams.

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