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Chart Your Own Course for Financial Security & Independence

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What others say about being Members of Women Navigating Finances

"Debra has helped me feel safe and secure with financial decisions I have made in a time when I really need to feel both safe and secure.  I was hesitant to spend the money for the membership yet joining WNF has not cost me a single dollar as the information shared by Debra has saved me thousands of dollars already!" ~ Ruth

"Having Debra's coaching prowess, honed over 42 years as a financial planner is invaluable. I love being able to ask her questions about my specific situation. She helps me cut through all the financial noise with tools that save me time and money so I can meet MY goals." ~ Trish Carr

The Vision & Mission for Women Navigating Finances

Hello Friends,

The driving force behind my creating Women Navigating Finances comes from seeing too many women being denied easy access to the truths about money which causes them to waste valuable time and dollars.

It breaks my heart to watch women experience struggle and overwhelm, often just throwing their hands up in frustration or defeat in trying to create financial security for themselves.

In my 42+ year career as a financial advisor what made my heart sing was showing women how they can take charge of their finances (even if their partner was the one 'in charge') so that they were never caught off guard and knew the right things to look for, the right questions to ask and the right place to go to get real answers.

My philosophy is that women can and will reach their financial goals faster with a seasoned financial industry expert and coach by their side.

Debra L. Morrison, CFP®, MS, AEP

Your Guide
Debra L. Morrison
A 42 Year Financial Industry Expert

Note: Debra serves as your Financial Coach, Guiding Women Navigating Finances,  NOT as your Financial Advisor.  Women Navigating Finances is for women who want to maintain control of their course for financial security by knowing what to ask, whom to ask and how to make empowered decisions in alignment with their goals, lifestyle and legacy.

What you focus on expands
So, how about focusing on all the good things about money, instead of fears, doubts and worries?

What Others Are Saying About Debra

Sarah, Widow
Soaring Spirits Camp Widow Attendee

Elizabeth Streb
Performing Artist, Doris Duke Artist & Genius Awardee

Chart Your Own Course for Financial Security & Independence

Enrollment is closed  

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